Freedom of Information Act Request Form


Summary of Purpose of Municipality
The City of Zion is a municipality incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing its residents with police protection, fire protection, ambulance/rescue service, sewer and water service, garbage and recycling collection service and street and sidewalk repair/maintenance.


Total amount of municipality’s operating budget:


Number and location of all municipal separate offices:

Zion City Hall 2828 Sheridan Road
Zion Police Department 2101 Salem Blvd.
Zion Fire/Rescue Station No. 1 1303 27th Street
Zion Fire/Rescue Station No. 2 2016 Lewis Avenue
Zion Public Works 3220 27th Street
Zion ESDA 3220 27th Street
Zion Public Service 2323 Hebron Avenue
Dog Pound 409 Damascus


Approximate number of all full-time and part-time employees:

Full Time 127
Part Time 23


Identification and membership of any municipal board, commission, committee, or council:

Zion City Council  -  Mayor Lane Harrison, Commissioner of Accounts & Finance Jim E. Taylor, Commissioner of Public Health & Safety Lloyd E. DeTienne, Commissioner of Building & Public Property Al Hill, Commissioner of Public Works Frank A. Flammini

Accident Review Board – Lt. Anthony Velardi, Barbara Fitz-Henley, BC Al Town, Dane Costello, Commissioner Jim Taylor, Don Leicht, Ernest Abbott, Rich Ianson, Brian Barber

E-911 Telephone System Review Board – Chief Steve Dumyahn, Chief John Lewis, Merlin Kreis, BC Eric Troy, DC Kirk Henderson, Mayor Lane Harrison, Commissioner Lloyd DeTienne, Fred Ray

Electrical Commission – Rich Ianson, Merlin Kreis, John Lewis, Dave Geer, Pat Buchanan, John Hucker

Fire & Police Commission – Debbie Lewis, Christopher Thomas, Shawn White

Firemen’s Pension Board – Rick Reich, Al Town, Mike Stried, John Lewis, Diane Burkemper,  David Knabel (ex-officio)

Jubilee Days Commission – Rich Walker, Diane Burkemper, Les Martin, Mike Ruchti, Cheri Neal, Ann Ennesser, Steve Dumyahn, Brent Paxton, Carla Villalobos, John Lewis, Scott Murphy, Christine Wertman

Lake Mound Cemetery Board – Diane Burkemper, Blake Rogers, David Knabel

Liquor Control Commission – Nadine Thorn, Terry McNabb, Juanita Winfrey

Planning & Zoning Commission – Gabe Garriga, Ernest Isley, Mamie McNutt, Jim Bowman, Howard Burkemper, Bruce Quinn, Juanita Winfrey

Police Pension Board – Tom Handyside, Ron Green, Terry Richards, Eric Barden, Mariann Carlton

TIF Review Board – Margie Taylor, Chris Szymanski, Bill Warren, Juanita Winfrey, David Miller, Marilyn Krieger, Tom Handyside


Description of methods by which public may request information and public records:
Written request only delivered either in person or by U.S. Mail to 2828 Sheridan Road, Zion, IL 60099 or by FAX to 847-746-7167, or email dianeb@zion.il.us


Directory of municipal FOIA officers:
City Clerk Diane Burkemper
Deputy City Clerk Sheryl Spooner
Police Chief Wayne Brooks
Police Lt. Kevin Leslie 


Any fees for records under FOIA:
For black & white, letter or legal size paper pages  --  first 50 pages are free
Each paper page over 50 is $.15  per page
Each color copy is $.25 per page
Electronic copies are actual cost of recording medium (CD, tape, disk, etc.)



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City of Zion, Illinois   
Zion City Hall
2828 Sheridan Road
Zion, IL 60099
(847) 746-4000