The City of Zion
Electric Aggregation Program

Aggregation Rate ComEd Rate % Lower Savings/House Agg'd Savings
6.65 7.48 11% $70 $500,000


Here's how you benefit...

  • Receive an exclusive electricity offer of a fixed rate of 6.650¢/kWh for your
    August 2014 through July 2017 billing cycles.
  • Price certainty for 36 months (August 2014 through July 2017)
  • Receive one bill from ComEd, but with a low electricity price from Constellation
  • ComEd will continue to service all distribution lines and meters to your home as well as
    respond to service issues
  • 100% renewable energy is also available at 6.750¢/kWh for 36 months through
    Constellation’s call center only.


What is municipal aggregation and how can you benefit?

Under municipal aggregation, local officials bring the community together for improved group purchasing power.  The community benefits by receiving competitively-priced electricity from an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission.


Are other municipalities doing this?

Yes.  500+ Illinois municipalities have undertaken an aggregation program.  Millions of families are enjoying lower cost electricity that continues to be delivered by ComEd.


How is the City of Zion able to choose a certified electricity supplier on the community’s behalf?

Pursuant to Section 1-92 of the Illinois Power Agency Act, 20ILCS 3855/1-92, each Illinois municipality is authorized to aggregate the electric loads of small commercial and residential customers located within its municipal boundaries.  As part of the aggregation, each municipality may solicit bids, select an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier, and enter into a service agreement to facilitate the purchase of electricity and related services and equipment on behalf of its residents and small businesses.   Zion residents voted to give the City of Zion the ability to negotiate on behalf of the community for a contract for an electricity supplier.  A voter referendum was passed by majority vote on April 9, 2013 to procure lower cost electric supply for resident and small commercial retail accounts.  The City contracted with Verde Energy as the electric supplier for one year.  The Verde Energy contract will expire in July 2014 so the City sought bids from numerous suppliers for renewal.  The City is pleased to announce that Constellation has been selected as the City’s new supplier for the aggregation program.  This includes a three-year program with a fixed price of 6.650¢/kWh for bills received for August 2014 through July 2017.  A 100% renewable energy option is also available at a fixed price of 6.750¢/kWh for the same term through Constellation’s call center only.


Who is Constellation?

Constellation is a leading electricity supplier within the U.S. to the residential, commercial and industrial marketplace.  Constellation is licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission and has been chosen by the City of Zion as the alternate retail electric supplier to provide electricity to Zion residents and small businesses that are eligible for the program and who do not opt out.  Constellation’s affiliates are leading suppliers of energy products and services to electric and natural gas customers in 47 states as well as Washington D.C.  They have been assisting customers navigate competitive energy markets for as long as customers have had a choice of their energy supplier and have provided affordable, reliable energy to businesses nationwide for years.  Constellation’s parent company, Exelon, is a FORTUNE 200 company with approximately $33 billion in annual revenues.


Who is eligible to participate?

All eligible participants in the program received notice of the new program rates, terms, and conditions. 
In order to be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must not have already chosen an electricity supplier on your own.
  • You must not be in arrears on your bill payment.
  • Your service address must be located within the Zion City limits.
  • Your utility company must be ComEd.
  • You must be a small commercial/industrial customer using not more than 15,000 kilowatt hours per year or you must be a residential customer.

The initial enrollment period ends on April 30, 2014.


Will someone come to my home or call to sign me up?

No.  If anyone claiming to be a representative of the City’s program contacts you at your home in person or over the phone attempting to sign you up and requests your ComEd account number, please report such activity to City Hall or file a complaint with the ICC at http://www.icc.illinois.gov/consumer/complaint.


You are automatically enrolled. 

As an eligible City of Zion residential or small business customer, you are automatically enrolled unless you decide to opt out.


What does “opt out” mean and how do I opt out?

You can opt out at any time, for any reason, with NO fees, charges, or penalties.

“Opt out” means that you can decide not to participate in the City of Zion Municipal Aggregation Electricity Program.  You don’t need to do anything to get this low rate, however, if you decide not to take part in the program, you can opt out through the call center using the phone number provided or via the web using the website provided.  If you opt out, you will not be enrolled as an electricity customer with Constellation and will continue to be served by your current supplier.  You will also not receive the City of Zion competitive electricity price.  Regardless, all customers will continue to have their electricity distributed by ComEd.


What happens if I do not opt out?

If you do not opt out prior to the expiration deadline of April 30, 2014, you will be included in the City of Zion Municipal Aggregation Program and receive competitively priced electricity from Constellation.  However, you have the option to terminate your participation in the program at any time without incurring an early termination penalty.


What information do I need to opt out?

Customers will need the 4-6 digit opt out code provided in the original opt out letter.  If this is not available, the Customer Care Team (1-800-718-1493) can pull up your information based on the service address.


Are there fees associated with the program?

Enrollment in the program is free and you need not take any action.  You only need to be eligible to participate.  Once enrolled in the program, you can cancel your agreement at any time and switch back to ComEd without any fee.


Will I be allowed to join the program after the initial enrollment period?

The City of Zion has secured the same electric supply rate, terms, and conditions for eligible customers who wish to join its municipal aggregation program after the initial enrollment period which ends on April 30, 2014.  This would include customers who move into the City of Zion, who were with another supplier and would like to join the aggregation program or customers who initially opted out and want to join at a later date.  These customers will have an individual agreement with Constellation for electricity supply but will retain the same electric supply rate, terms and conditions of the aggregation program.


What is the rescission period?

ComEd will provide you a notice confirming your enrollment with Constellation that provides you a period during which you may rescind such enrollment.  Please follow the instructions on the enrollment notice if you would like to rescind.


When will my Constellation electricity supply begin and how do I know when my meter read occurs?

Supply will start on your first applicable meter read date, which we estimate to be in July.  Refer to your bill to get the exact meter read date.


When will I see my new rate?

Customers can expect to see their new rate beginning as soon as their August 2014 bill, depending on the enrollment date.


What if I am with another supplier and want to join the Zion program?

If you had already switched your account from ComEd to an alternate supplier or participate in an hourly pricing (RRTP) program, your account will not automatically be enrolled with Constellation.   Based on the records provided by the utility, Constellation assumed you are not with another supplier, otherwise, they would not have sent you the original notice.  However, if you had previously signed up with a new supplier or if you believe you are on an older contract, carefully review the terms and conditions of that agreement before proceeding as your ability to terminate early with that supplier may be restricted and subject to an early termination fee.  You may contact Constellation directly to enroll.  Residents may join the program at any time during the three year term.  There is no fee to join the savings program. 


Will I get two bills, one from ComEd and another from Constellation?

Residents will continue to receive only one bill from ComEd for electric supply, delivery and taxes.  They will pass the monies you pay for the energy supply to Constellation.   ComEd will continue to charge for delivering electricity.  But the cost of the supply portion of ComEd bills will be lower.


What is a “small commercial account”?

A small commercial account is defined by the ICC as a commercial account using less than 15,000 kWh per year.


Will the Constellation rate change?

No.  The rate is fixed for three years. 


What happens at the end of my Constellation electricity contract term?

The City of Zion will rebid the term and price on behalf of residents or return customers to ComEd.  You will be notified of the outcome by the City and/or supplier for the new term.  You will automatically be included in the program again in 2017 unless you choose to opt out at that time.


How can Constellation offer a lower price than ComEd’s current price?

During select market opportunities, Constellation buys electricity at a lower price than ComEd and then passes on those savings to its customers.


What if I’m enrolled in the PIPP Program?

Residents who are enrolled in the PIPP Program will not be affected by the Municipal Aggregation Program and can continue to participate in the municipality’s program.


I am currently under the budget billing option as provided by ComEd.  Can I retain this service?

If you have chosen budget billing, the utility will continue to manage your budget billing and determine your monthly payment for electricity or if you wish to initiate budget billing or have any questions regarding your budget, please contact your utility for more information.


Who do I call if I have a service problem?

Always call ComEd with reports of outages or downed power lines at 800-334-7661.  For questions about supply, you may call the customer service number for Constellation.  This will be listed under “Electric Supply Services” on your ComEd bill.


What happens if I move?

If you stay within the Zion city limits, you may remain in the aggregation program, but you must call Constellation to actively enroll at your new location.  Residents moving into the community after the program begins will not be automatically enrolled, but must contact Constellation to receive the Zion rate.  There is no fee to enroll.


Will my utility tax decrease?

The aggregation program has no impact on your utility tax due.  You are taxed on energy usage in kilowatt-hours, not the dollar cost of supply.


What is ComEd’s 12-month “stay” requirement?

Please note the Illinois regulation prohibiting customers from switching accounts frequently.  If your account was with an ARES (Alternative Retail Electric Supplier) and you moved back to ComEd more than two months ago, you are under a 12-month “stay” and may not switch away from ComEd to a new supplier for that period.

If you are automatically enrolled in the City’s aggregation program, and later switch back to ComEd, you must switch to a new supplier within two billing cycles or you will be subject to that 12-month “stay”.  You will receive a notice from ComEd stating such.

If you have never chosen a supplier and choose to opt out of the aggregation program, you are not under a 12-month “stay” and may switch to another supplier at any time.

Tell me more about the renewable option?

The 100% renewable option means that Constellation purchases energy from renewable wind electricity resources equal to the amount of electricity you use.  Constellation has secured a competitive renewable rate of 6.750¢/kWh for 36 months.  You can choose this rate instead of the standard aggregation price by contacting the Customer Care Team at 1-800-718-1493.


Where can I learn more about electricity deregulation and assistance programs?

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has assistance programs to help customers with their energy bills.  Eligibility and enrollment information can be found on the ICC’s website at www.icc.illinois.gov   Additional information can be found at www.PlugInIllinois.org .


What are questions that can be directed to my utility?

Please contact ComEd at 1-800-334-7661 for questions on the following topics:

  • Problems with your electricity service
  • Questions about your bill
  • Tax exemptions


Although the City of Zion is offering this program, please direct questions to Constellation at 800-718-1493. 

If you need help in addition to Constellation’s customer service, please call the City’s consultant, NIMEC, at 800-727-3820 and leave your question and callback number on the voice message system.  You will be contacted within 24 hours.

To report an electrical outage, for assistance with meter readings, or for questions pertaining to your ComEd bill, call ComEd at 800-334-7661.


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