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Public Works Department



The city is responsible for trimming all parkway trees.


The Public Works Department will be responsible for removing parkway trees. The
Supervisor for the Street Division shall be the person who determines whether a parkway
tree is to be removed. If the removal of a parkway tree is in question, the Supervisor shall consult with a certified arborist or forester, recognized by the City Council, and a decision shall be made based on educated facts of the situation.

The City may remove a parkway tree for the following reasons:

  1. City determines the parkway tree to be dead and a hazard to public safety.

  2. City determines the parkway tree to be dying or in distress and may become a
    hazard to public safety.

  3. The construction of a public improvement project necessitates removal of a parkway tree.

  4. City determines that a parkway tree is obstructing the sight abilities of any motorist along a public street or right-of-way.

Parkway Tree Removal Procedure

The Supervisor of the Street Division (Supervisor) is made aware of a parkway tree which either needs to be removed or has been requested to be removed.

The Supervisor visits the site of the parkway tree.

The Supervisor takes a picture of the parkway tree.

The Supervisor determines whether a parkway tree needs to be removed.

If it has been determined that a parkway tree is to be removed, a tree removal permit will be completed by the Supervisor and signed by the owner.

If there is a question as to whether a parkway tree should be removed, the Supervisor will consult with the City's arborist/forester. If the owner does not agree with the decision made
by the Supervisor, the owner may appeal the decision in the following order:

  1. Director of Public Works

  2. Commissioner of Public Works

  3. City Council

The decision of the City Council will be final.

The Supervisor will inform the owner as to when the tree may be removed.

Once the Public works Department removes the parkway tree, the stump will be ground
and topsoil with seed will be placed.

Tree City USA

We are now "Tree City USA" for the 11th year in a row. "Tree City USA" is an honor bestowed upon those communities who make an effort to preserve, maintain, and plant trees, mostly on the parkway. Just so you know what an honor this is, only 137 communities in Illinois have been designated "Tree City USA."

In order to retain the title, the City has developed a comprehensive tree and landscaped ordinance. In short, the new ordinance was created to protect established public trees and minimize the number destroyed due to new development.

This City has a great deal of history of which residents should be proud. Trees
are a small piece of the puzzle, but they are important not only for environmental reasons,
but to carry on the character of an historical past.

City of Zion, Illinois