Public Works Department

 Ron Colangelo

Ron Colangelo,

Welcome to the City Of Zion

Public Works Department



The small crew of twelve Street Division employees is responsible for
maintaining approximately 100 miles of streets and 55 miles of alleys.


The street sweeper operates approximately 9 months of the year from
March to December.

Street Names

9th St.
(West of Greenbay Rd.)
16th St.
17th St.
18th St.
19th St.
20th St.
21st St.
22nd St.
23rd St.
24th St.
25th St.
26th St.
27th St.
28th St.
29th St.
30th St.
31st St.
32nd St.
33rd St.
34th St.
Barnhart Ct.
Bethel Blvd.
Bethesda Blvd.
Bluebird Ave.
Bluestem Circle
Brigadoon Dr.
Butterfield Ln.
Caladonia Ave.
Calvary Ln.
Camp Logan Rd.
Cardinal Dr.
Carmel Blvd.
Champart St.
Circle Dr.
Clover Ln.
Colgate Ave.
Countrywood Dr.
Credence Dr.
Cypress Dr.
Damascus Ave.
Dawn Ln.
Daybreak Ln.
Deborah Ave.
Douglas Dr.
Dowie Memorial
Dusk Dr.
Ebenezer Ave.
Edina Blvd.
Elim Ave.

Elisha Ave.
Elizabeth Ave.
Emmaus Ave.
Enoch Ave.
Eshcol Ave.
Ezekiel Ave.
Ezekiel Pl.
Ezra Ave.
Foxglove Dr.
Franklin Ct.
Freedom Ct.
Gabriel Ave.
Galilee Ave.
Garnett Ave.
Gideon Ave.
Gilboa Ave.
Gilead Ave.
Gregory Dr.
Gregory St.
Hampson Ct.
Harbor Ridge Dr.
Harmony Dr.
Heather Ct.
Hebron Ave.
Hermon Ave
Highland Dr.
Hill Dr.
Hilltop Ave.
Holdridge Ave.
Horeb Ave.
Horizon Ct.
Industrial Ave.
Industrial Dr.
Jay Dr.
Jethro Ave.
Jethro Ct.
Joanna Ave.
Joppa Ave.
Kedron Blvd.
Kensington Ln.
Lake View Ave.
Lebanon Ave.
Logan Ct.
Lorelei Dr.
Lowery Ct.
Luckie Ct.
Luke Ave.
Lydia Ave.
Lydia Pl.
Mark Ave.

Martha Ave.
Matthew Pl.
May Kay Ln.
Michael Ave.
Midday Dr.
Miriam Ave.
Oak Forest Ave.
Peace Ln.
Pelican Ct.
Pheasant Run
Phillip Dr.
Portsmouth Dr.
Primrose Ct.
Quail St.
Ravine Dr.
Rebecca Dr.
Reed Rd.
Ridge Rd.
Rt. 173
(Sheridan Rd. to Lewis Ave.)
Salem Blvd.
Sarah Dr.
Schooner Ct
Sedge St.
Sharon Pl.
Sheridan Rd.
Shetland Pl.
Shiloh Blvd.
Southport Ct.
Stella Ct.
Stonebridge Dr.
Sunnyside Dr.
Sunset Ct.
Sunshine Ct.
Sunshine Ln.
Swan Ln.
Tallgrass Ct.
Tartan Trail
Thistle Ln.
Thompson Ave.
Tickseed Dr.
Timothy St.
Trumpet Dr.
Wembley Dr.
Westside Trail
Willow Ln.
Wilson Ct.
Winthrop Ct.
Woodland Dr.
Wren Ln.
Yale Ct.


City of Zion, Illinois