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Leaf Collection



Leaf collection services are now being handled
by Advanced Disposal, NOT The City of Zion

Any questions or problems,
please contact Advanced Disposal at (847) 623-3870


New this spring, Advance Disposal Services will make two passes through town to vacuum leaves from the parkway. See map below.

They will start on Monday, April 7th as follows:

Section #1 - everything east of Sheridan Road, working north to south.
Section #2 - everything west of Sheridan Road, north of 21st Street.
Section #3 - boundary west of Sheridan Road, south of 21st Street, and north of 29th Street.
Section #4 – boundary west of Sheridan Road, south of 29th Street.

After making the first pass through town, they will stop and wait at least one week before starting their second pass through town, working in the same order as the first pass above. 

If they get the first pass completed in one week, the second pass would start on Monday, April 21.  If the first pass takes longer than one week, we would start the second pass on Monday April 28.   

As in the past, regular yard waste pickup will begin April 1st through November 30th.


Bagged Leaves

Residents are encouraged to bag (paper bags) or place in containers no larger than 30 gallons and properly identified with a yard waste sticker, which can be obtained free from Zion City Hall, all leaves. Advanced Disposal Services will collect yard waste on a weekly basis beginning on Monday on the east side of town and then proceeds westerly.

  • Rake leaves within 5 feet of the curb, but not into the street.
  • Leaves deposited by either wind or rake more than 5 feet from the curb cannot be collected due to the reach of the vacuum arm.
  • Leaf piles MUST be clean of any garbage or debris.
  • Crews cannot vacuum piles off parkways if there
    is a vehicle parked in front of it.
  • Once past, crews will not return for any reason.
  • In case of heavy leaf volume or severe weather, crews may carry over
    leaf collection to the next day, and Friday, if necessary.


City of Zion, Illinois