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Frequently Asked Questions

Streets Division

Why wasn't my garbage picked up today? Who do I call?

There can be several answers to this, but most times it's simply an oversight.
The quickest way to report this is to call the garbage collector directly at
(847) 623-3870. Should another problem exist they will be able to notify you
when you call.

I have some extra stuff to throw out. How can I get it picked up?

Bulky waste such as discarded furniture is included with your regular refuse collection. Placing items out a little at a time will insure regular pick up.
Should you have a large pile of debris, you must arrange for a special pick up.
The City charges a minimum of $80.00 a load and must be paid at City Hall in advance.

If the City doesn't pick up old tires, how else can I get rid of them?

Illinois law requires all retailers of new automobile tires to accept used tires for recycling. A small fee is usually assessed per used tire. Many automotive centers,
gas stations and junkyards will also accept used tires as well as used motor oil.

How do I discard my old refrigerator?

White goods, as they are called, are large appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, water heaters etc. Because these appliances cannot be taken to a landfill you must schedule a special pickup by calling BFI at (847) 623-3870. This service is provided
at no additional charge. Please Note: All doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers prior to setting out.

Who do I call about streetlights not working properly?

The City maintains only the streetlights on Sheridan Road and in the newer
sub-divisions. All other street light problems should be reported directly to
ComEd - (1-800-334-7661).

Water Division

Why is my water bill so high?

There can be any number of explanations. Normally water usage tends to be
higher during the spring and summer months but a large increase without any probable reason usually indicates a water leak.

If that much water leaked, wouldn't my house be floating away?

A common misconception is that a water leak is always visible. Although some are, the most notorious source of water leaks is the toilet. Water can leak right down
the drain without you ever noticing.

Can you really shut my water off for not responding to meter service notices
even if my bill is paid?

Yes. The City Ordinance Sec. 94-352 states that we must be allowed access to
the meter for the purpose of reading, maintaining or repairing. If meter notices
left at the premises go unanswered, water will be shut off until we can gain

Why do I need to be home in order to have my water turned on? I wasn't
home when you turned it off?

This policy was designed for the homeowner's protection and the Water Division
is very strict about this policy. Water loss and/or damage can occur, should, for example, a forgotten faucet be left on at the premises or if there is unknown plumbing problems.

I just received my first utility bill. Why is the garbage portion so high?

In addition to the actual months of the billing period you were in your home,
you are charged three months in advance on your very first bill. From that point
on you will always be paid three months in advance for garbage.

Why do I get two sewer bills?

Actually only one bill is from the City. The other is from the North Shore Sanitary District (NSSD). Both bills are based on your water consumption and are used for different reasons. Basically, the sewer portion of our bill covers the maintenance
of the City sewer lines. NSSD bills for the use of their lines as well as treating the wastewater.

Does the Water Division fix the valves on the street side of the meter?

No. Technically anything from the City's main line into the house is the
homeowner's responsibility. The city does, however, repair the water meter itself. Generally there is no charge for the repair unless the repair is needed due to
neglect or if the damage was intentional.

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