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Underwater Rescue Operations

City of Zion Fire Department

The Zion Fire Rescue Department Dive Rescue/Recovery Team is comprised of 5 members. As members of the department divers, we are incorporated into the Lake County Dive Team, which is made up of close to 100 active rescue divers. All divers on our team are qualified PADI Emergency Services/Advanced Open Water Diver. Each person maintains a standard training regime consisting of safety checks, pool and open water dives. Advanced divers on the Zion Fire Rescue Department Dive Team are trained as Medical Divers, Advanced Rescue Divers, and Ice Divers qualified in operations during winter rescue operations.

Team training held on a regular basis to ensure all members are familiar with the constant changes in weather, environment, and with their own capabilities.
The Zion Fire Rescue Department divers are well versed in operations being conducted from shore with rope patterns and from boats using rope patterns.

All members of the Zion Fire Rescue Department train regularly with water rescue operation whether it is a surface water rescue, dive rescue, or surface ice rescue. Our geographical location next to Lake Michigan and multiple smaller bodies of
water surrounding the city and other areas of Lake County make it a necessity
for all firefighter/paramedics on our department to be knowledgeable of dive operations.

Members of the Dive/Rescue Recover Team include FF/PMs Denny Decker (Team Leader), Rick Reich, Eric Pursche, Brooks Litz, Chris Arnold, and Kevin Johnson.

City of Zion, Illinois