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John Lewis,
Fire Chief

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Stop, Drop and Roll

City of Zion Fire Department


To teach children what they should do if their clothes catch on fire

Skill Taught

Stop, Drop and Roll


Stop, Drop and Roll is a basic procedure to extinguish clothing fires. Children are inclined to panic and run when their clothes catch fire. Running wand waving the
arms only fans the fire by supplying more oxygen to the flames, causing it to burn hotter and faster.

The Lesson

During the session the firefighters will:

  • Explain the ways that clothing can catch alight
  • Explain why running will make the flames get bigger
  • Show how Stop, Drop, and Roll will put the fire out
  • Carry out practice sessions so children fully understand the Stop,
    Drop and Roll procedure


  • The first thing for you to do is stop


  • Drop to the floor or ground, covering the face with the hands.
  • Flames burn upwards and there is the added danger of breathing in the
    flames, super heated air and toxic gases.
  • Dropping to the floor and covering the face guards against this.


  • Rolling over and over will smother the flames.
  • Keep rolling until the flames are out.

City of Zion, Illinois