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Public Education

City of Zion Fire Department

The Zion Fire Rescue Department is currently offering public education classes for our citizens. We offer a variety of education opportunities for both young and old. Each year during Fire Prevention Week members of the Zion Fire Rescue Department visit each school in our area and present a Fire Safety talk to all school children. During this visit we also distribute fire safety materials for the students to take home and share with their families. We also give instructions to the students on the procedures for staying safe during a fire situation including the STOP - DROP - ROLL method in case their clothes catch on fire.

We also encourage the students making sure that they have smoke detectors in their homes, they change the batteries regularly, and the practice EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home).

The Zion Fire Rescue Department also offers fire safety talks and information to our senior citizens by visiting the local nursing homes, senior citizen high rise and speaking at the Senior Citizen meetings held at the local Park District. Fire safety talks on emergency evacuation in a fire situation, maintenance of smoke detectors (.pdf), and use of fire extinguishers is offered.

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