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The Zion Fire and Rescue Department is pleased to provide FREE My Medical Information kits to our senior citizens, those with special needs, and others in the City of Zion that may need them. These kits were funded by Advocate Condell Medical Center and are sponsored by the Lake County Fire Chiefs Association.

The kits consist of a red plastic pouch with a magnetic back and are intended to be attached to an individual's refrigerator. Inside the pouch is a cardboard pamphlet that an individual can use to write down his or her personal information, emergency contacts, medications, allergies, medical conditions, and advanced directives. There is also a sticker that should be placed on or near the individual's front door to alert responders that the individual has a My Medical Information kit. Paramedics can then use this vital information when providing emergency care.

To obtain your FREE My Medical Information kit, contact Administrative assistants Mary Hudson or Lorrie Minghi at (847) 746-4036, Maryh@zion.il.us or LorrieM@zion.il.us, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Provide your name and mailing address, and they will mail you a kit. You may also stop by our Fire Station One at 1303 27th Street to pick one up.

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