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John Lewis,
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Fire and Rescue Department

Emergency Medical Care and Transportation

City of Zion Fire Department

The Zion Fire Rescue Department currently serves over 25,000 residents in an approximate 10 square mile area. A major function of the Zion Fire Rescue Department is to provide emergency medical treatment to those persons in need in the city and to transport such persons when necessary, to a hospital. To ensure this goal the Zion Fire Rescue Department operates three shifts with 24 personnel. Each shift has 8 full time personnel on duty. Additionally, POP personnel are available to augment minimum staffing. Minimum staffing is 7 per day. All of these personnel are state certified paramedics and affiliated with the North Lake County EMS system.

The Zion Fire Rescue Department has three (3) MICU Ambulances all equipped to run ALS, advanced life support, emergencies. Each request for an ambulance in the city receives a response of an MICU unit from the responsible district with a duty crew of two paramedics. If additional help is needed the ambulance can request and engine company, also consisting of two paramedics for assistance. Our two (2) Pumpers, one (1) Quint are also ALS equipped and with all our shift personnel being Certified Paramedics they can respond on medical emergencies when needed. In addition,the Zion Fire Rescue Department also participates in an automatic response program with the three fire departments that surround Zion. The Quad One response includes Beach Park Fire Department, Newport Fire Department, and the Winthrop Harbor Fire Department. This gives us immediate access to additional ambulances and EMS personnel when needed.

For major emergencies the Zion Fire Rescue Department is part of the statewide MABAS box alarm system that makes available equipment and personnel from all departments in Lake County as well as other counties in the state if needed.

The Zion Fire Rescue Department has two (2) Pumpers, one (1) Quint with a 105 ft Ladder, one (1) Heavy Duty Squad Truck, and three (3) MICU Ambulances. Each report of a fire in the city receives a response of the duty crew personnel, one (1) pumper, one (1) Quint and one (1) MICU unit. In addition to our on duty personnel, our off duty personnel respond to the stations when needed. These personnel would then respond to the call with one additional pumper.

City of Zion, Illinois