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Sonolito Bronson,

Welcome to the City Of Zion

Department of Economic Development

Why Zion?

Right now is an exciting time for the City of Zion. As a community, we're experiencing a re-birth and revitalization. As a lifelong resident of Zion, I've seen this change begin to take hold. Our local economy has been strengthened and diversified by bringing in a variety of retail businesses, industry and upscale housing developments to meet the growing needs of our community.

We believe Zion is a great place to do business. As you become more familiar with
our city, you'll learn that we have all the essential elements: a skilled workforce; land ready for development with access to air, rail and highway routes; and a very
strong, almost unprecedented, economic incentive program.

The Economic Development Department of Zion will do many things to make your transition into our community as easy as possible. One thing we will not do is waste your time. I've made a personal commitment to making this process as simple as possible. That's why, with the full support of Mayor Lane Harrison and the City Council, we've created the unique "Pre Development Conference"  concept.

By scheduling a "Pre Development Conference," you'll meet simultaneously with all city officials you'll need to interact with to break ground on your project. This means you may be able to get your business up and running months sooner than you may have expected, and will cut costs in the process.

To schedule "Pre Development Conference" or obtain a packet of information about
our city and the various sites and incentive we have available, please contact the City of Zion Economic Development Office at (847) 746-4056.

I look forward to working with you to forge a relationship between your enterprise and the City of Zion.


Sonolito Bronson

Planning and Economic Development
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