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Business Retention Grant Program

Business Retention Grant Program

In the interest of encouraging businesses to locate, expand and grow in Zion,
the city is offering limited grant assistance for exterior building improvements. 
The objective of this partnership is to provide safe, clean, inviting shopping,
dining, service and employment opportunities for our community. 

All applications must be delivered to the Office of Economic Development
at Zion City Hall, 2828 Sheridan Road, Zion, IL.

All Applicants must meet and agree to the following conditions
for grant consideration:

  • Applicant MUST be an established business within the Zion city limits with legitimate tax and licensing records available for review, if requested. 

  • Business must NOT be located in an existing TIF District.  To confirm TIF boundaries, please contact our office at (847) 746-4056.

  • Business MUST have proper zoning for all its operations and be in substantial compliance with city codes and ordinances before any funds can be disbursed.

  • NO home-based or Internet companies are eligible for this offering.

  • Applicants who received any city funding during the last five years are NOT eligible for this offering.

  • Applicant accepts that this is a reimbursement program only.  All receipts, waivers and inspections must be completed and submitted for repayment within six months of the project being approved by the City Council.

  • Applicant understands that the Business Retention Grant provides for 50%
    of the total approved project costs or up to $10,000, whichever is less. 

  • Grant funds CANNOT be used to pay for lender application fees or interest charges.

  • All work MUST be approved by the city and completed by registered, licensed contractors, unless Building, Engineering or Fire codes allow otherwise.

  • Applicant represents that the information contained in the application and attached data is a true and factual representation of their business and project.

  • Any failure by the applicant to meet these conditions will forfeit any and all claim to any reimbursement unless otherwise provided by City Council action.

  • Applicant acknowledges that the City of Zion has no obligation to provide any grants or direct financial assistance to businesses; however, it is the city’s desire to encourage and support businesses that provide a strong tax and employment base, thereby contributing to the overall economic health
    of our community.

To Apply, Download an Application Here:

Business Grant Application (PDF FORMAT)

Business Grant Application (MS WORD - .doc)


City of Zion, Illinois