L. Howard Bennett's


L.Howard Bennett

L. Howard Bennett, was born Lester Howard Bennett on January 3,1934 on Pearce Farm (the family farm you may recognize now as Lorelei Acres) in Benton Township, has served Zion politically in some form since 1970 when he was elected for two terms to the District 6 School Board. He joined the Marines in 1953, married Joy DeRohan in 1954, had three sons and one daughter, and today is the proud grandfather of four grandsons and eight granddaughters. He studied electronics and electrical engineering at Marquette University in 1959 and can boast a long and esteemed history in that field. His career includes an entrepreneurial stint from 1971 to 1985 when he owned and operated a TV Sales & Service business in Zion sharing space with a local Christian bookstore owned and operated by his equally enterprising wife.

Commissioner Bennett made his first bid for City Council in 1979 and has run in every election since. Losing only once, in 1983, he has been elected and has served as City Commissioner (and by default, Town Board Trustee) for six terms. This “Who” of Zion’s “Who’s Who” is the one you want to know if you want to know who knows who. (Or, more specifically who’s related to whom.) A man of his own mind, Commissioner Bennett will do it himself if he can’t find someone to do it his way. (Ask him about the siding on his house!)All kidding aside, there is no one more serious than Commissioner Bennett about the business of running the government in Zion. Whether he’s scrutinizing the Township budget or revamping the City’s benefit package, Commissioner Bennett is committed to eliminating frivolous spending. He has provided valuable mentoring over the past three years for the newly sworn in Supervisor as she worked to reorganize and shape a sound fiscal plan for the Township, and he has spent his latest term with the City cleaning up and bringing the Financial Department into the 21st Century. And, if that’s not enough…Commissioner Bennett has been a Cubs fan since his neighbor took him to the game at Wrigley Field against the St.. Louis Cardinals…at the ripe old age of nine in 1943. He’s hung in there with the Cubs (even through the ’45 season), and he’s hung in there with Zion—maybe, the L. in his name really stands for Loyal

City of Zion, Illinois