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Diane D. Burkemper

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City Clerk's Office

City Clerk's Services

“City Council Support”

The City Clerk attends City Council meetings and keeps a record of its proceedings. Prior to the meeting, the Clerk prepares a meeting agenda and an agenda packet, which includes copies of all documents relating to agenda items, for disbursement to Council members, Department Heads and the media no less than 48 hours prior to the meeting. The current City Council meeting agenda, as well as past approved meeting minutes, can be downloaded HERE.


“OMA Designee”

The City Clerk serves as the City’s OMA (Open Meetings Act) Designee. Every public body must designate a member to receive training on compliance with this Act. The City Clerk is responsible for ensuring that the City is in compliance with the Act with regard to public notices of open meetings, recording of meetings, minutes of meetings, the right to speak at open meetings, closed meeting minutes and recordings, and electronic meeting attendance by members.


“Keeper of the Records”

The City Clerk manages the retention and retrieval of all official documents in compliance with the Public Records Act. Official documents include, but are not limited to, ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, meeting minutes, memorandums, correspondence, contracts, agreements, licenses/permits, letters of credit, zoning dockets, maps, bid documents, etc.


“Zion Municipal Code Custodian”

The City Clerk serves as custodian of the Zion Municipal Code. Ordinances passed by the City Council are forwarded to the codifier for incorporation into the municipal code quarterly. View the Zion Municipal Code HERE.


“FOIA Officer”

The City Clerk serves as the City’s FOIA Officer to ensure that the City complies with FOIA. The FOIA officer’s responsibility is to receive FOIA requests from the public and to send responses in compliance with FOIA. A FOIA request form can be downloaded HERE.


“Notary Public”

The City Clerk’s office offers a Notary Public Service. The cost is $1.00 for every use of the notary public’s stamp.   The purpose of a notary public is to witness your signature. Do not sign documents in advance of appearing before the notary public. You must present a valid federal (USA only) or state issued ID prior to having your signature notarized.


“Local Election Official”

The City Clerk serves as the Local Election Official and oversees all Zion municipal and township elections. Election administration includes voter registration services, Early Voting, and candidate filing. Election information can be viewed HERE.


“Human Resources Director”

The City Clerk serves as the City’s Human Resources Director. When employment opportunities become available, they are posted on this website. Employment applications can be downloaded HERE.


“License/Permit Administrator”

The City Clerk issues business licenses, liquor licenses, tobacco dealer licenses, amusement device/vending machine licenses, ATM licenses, entertainment licenses, special event permits, special event vendor permits, seasonal vendor permits, raffle licenses, parking permits for City-owned lots, and temporary resident vehicle licenses. Download license/permit applications HERE.


“Mosquito Control Program Coordinator”

The City Clerk coordinates the scheduling of citywide adult mosquito fogging and initiates public notification to citizens who are allergic or sensitive to mosquito spraying. Download Mosquito Control Program information HERE.


“Lake Mound Cemetery” Overseer

The City Clerk maintains the records of the Lake Mound Cemetery in Zion.


“City Website Manager”

The City Clerk serves as the manager of the City’s website. Every effort is made to effectively maintain this website for the benefit of our residents and visitors to the site. Keeping the website current is always a challenge. If you find outdated information or have questions or comments regarding this website, please contact us at sheryls@zion.il.us.


Other duties of the City Clerk’s Office:

Manages bidding and award of contracts

Coordinates bidding and contract for Municipal Electrical Aggregation

Provides administrative support for the Jubilee Days Commission and Liquor Control Commission

Maintains tax-exempt properties listing

Receives and records petitions, lawsuits and official notices

Collects hotel/motel tax

Maintains all City-owned vehicle titles and license plates

Maintains rosters of all City Boards and Commissions

Prepares Public Affairs Department Budget




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