Building & Zoning

Richard Ianson

Welcome to the City Of Zion

Department of Building & Zoning

Mission Statement  

We believe the residents of Zion and developers alike are entitled
to professional, efficient and accurate guidance from trained
professionals in the areas of planning, construction, renovation
and demolition of any and all property within the City.

We are committed to provide such assistance to residents
and our fellow professionals in a courteous and timely manner.
Therefore, the mission of the Building Department shall be
to provide knowledge and service regarding local,
state and federal building codes and standards in a manner,
which supports our commitment to the safety of our residents
and to the integrity of the Department.

We willingly participate in a program of continuing education
and testing in order to keep our staff informed of the latest
techniques and requirements within the building trades industry
as well as customer service and computer literacy.

In our performance of these duties we will bear witness
to the realization of our mission and thereby warrant
the respect engendered to our department as professionals
with the community we serve.





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