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City of Zion Property Maintenance

and Code Enforcement Program

Property Maintenance Complaint Form

The City of Zion has a number of ordinances that list
some minimum requirements for maintaining properties
that explains many of these requirements that include maintenance of structures, maintenance and appearance of yards, vehicle requirements as well as landlord and tenant responsibilities. This booklet is available to read online or you can pick up a copy at the Building Department located in City Hall.

The property maintenance inspectors are responsible for identifying violations by
driving through their assigned districts on a daily basis, when violations are found
there are numerous ways the inspector attempts to gain compliance, these include
but are not limited to; Speak with the offender, send letters to property owner
explaining the violation and needed correction, ordinance violation tickets and court action.

Try as they might some violations may not be identified in a timely manner by the inspector, if you feel there is a property that needs attention by one of the inspectors a resident can call the Building Department at 847-746-4018 to report
the violation or online by clicking this link -->Property Maintenance Complaint Form.

Resolution of a violation in some cases may only take a few days, you should
however be aware that depending on the type of violation, the willingness of the violator to cooperate or the scope of the violation it may take weeks and some rare cases months to gain full compliance.

Remember this our community. We must all work together to keep it a positive
and safe place to be. The quality of life for all of us depends on mutual respect
and concern for our neighbors.

City of Zion, Illinois