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Department of Accounts and Finance 

- Important Change - Effective February 1, 2007 -
A $50.00 non-payment fee will be charged to every account
that has been terminated or an attempt
has been made to terminate service.

Water Billing

For water billing purposes the city is divided into 3 sections. Each section is billed quarterly, so every month the billing clerk is preparing a different section's water bills. The billing clerk gets the information from the Meter Reader from the Water Department in Public Works, who does electronic readings of consumption.

Water bills are always due the first Monday after the 20th of the month. Shut off occurs 2 weeks after the penalty date on the bill. If you can't pay the bill by the shut off date the City does offer water extensions to property owners. If the owner meets the city's criteria for an extension, he or she would need to come in and sign an extension contract. Half of the bill would need to be paid that day and the balance would be extended until the end of the month.

Please note that if any other monies are owed to the city, parking tickets, grass cutting/weed liens, building department fines, an extension would not be granted until all of those were taken care of. We have a night deposit box near our front door for any after-hours payments.

Please do not put cash in the night depository box

Along with cash and your personal check or money order we accept credit card payments and also offer Direct Debit for your water bills from a checking or savings account. If you are a tenant and are responsible for the water bill, we can set up the account so that a duplicate bill comes to you in your name. However, your landlord would need to contact water billing (847 746-4008) to add tenant information to their account.

Click here to see when you can expect your water bill, as listed by street name.

Zion purchases their water from the Lake County Public Water District and uses approximately 2,000,000 gallons a day.


Water & Sewer Rates
Effective 10/1/13
*Rates Are Per 1,000 Gallons of Water

Inside Rates *Per 1,000 gls
Water $4.00
Sewer $1.40

Combined $5.40
Outside Rates *Per 1,000 gls
Water $4.80

Minimum Water Bill - First 4,000 gls $16.00
Minimum Sewer Bill $5.60
Garbage $24.00 Per Month Per Kitchen $72.00
Total Minimum Bill $93.60
Lease Cart 1.31 Per Month $3.93


For billing questions or payment extensions please call (847) 746-4008.

For reading or service please call (847) 746-4060.

Other Questions, Email Us At: finance@zion.il.us




Applications and Deposits

Municipal Code Section 94 requires any owner starting a new water, sewer, and/or waste service to make application with the City of Zion and pay a deposit equal to an average quarterly bill for the last 12 months. (Minimum $100.00 deposit) Any person who currently owns real estate in the City and has a non-delinquent payment record for the last five (5) years water service shall be exempt from the deposit requirements if the service being applied for will be for their personal residence. The exemption does not apply to rental or lease property.

Deposits are held for two (2) years with non-delinquent payment record then refunded to the customer with interest.

The City of Zion agrees to pay to any owner posting a deposit for water, sewer, and/or waste interest on the deposit at four (4) per cent per annum. Interest shall be due and payable at such time a final bill is paid, along with any other amounts due the City of Zion, unless refunded according to paragraph 2 above.


Final Readings

A final reading is required when you are selling your property. It is your responsibility to set an appointment for a final water meter reading to insure yourself against future liability for water usage.

When taking a final reading, we must be able to obtain a reading inside at the meter as well as the outside reader.

Water will be shut off at the time a final reading is taken unless the new owner has made a deposit and signed a contract for water service in advance of the final reading.

If the property will be vacant for an extended length of time, we suggest the meter be removed and stored for protection.

A closing letter can be requested prior to closing.  The closing letter will list all debts owing to the City.  The closing letter will not include any currently pending litigation or, any charges or fees incurred past the date of the letter, such as mowing, board-up, fines, or any other interim charges scheduled but not yet billed.

A final reading must be done on all water accounts prior to us issuing a closing letter.

Please allow 1-3 business days prior to closing.


Billing Information

The City of Zion is divided into three (3) sections for billing purposes. A customer will receive a bill every three (3) months for water, sewer, and waste. The following is our billing procedures: Water meters are read between the 1st & 15th of the month.

Bills are prepared and mailed out the last day of the month.

The penalty date is twenty (20) days from the billing date.

Three (3) days after the penalty date, termination of service notices are mailed out to all unpaid accounts.

Please call (847) 746-4008 if you have questions about your bill or dispute any amount shown on the bill, or should you need additional time to pay your bill. Payments after the due date incur a penalty of 5% of the water and sewer portion of your bill.

Note:  Bills are considered paid when they are received at City Hall, not the date they are mailed. The City is not responsible for late payment because of mail delivery. The City has a drop box depository outside the main door at City Hall for payments when City Hall is closed.



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