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Vehicle Stickers

The city requires all vehicles that are parked overnight in the City of Zion have
a valid city sticker. It doesn't matter where the car is registered; if it is parked
at your home it needs a sticker.

Our stickers go on sale every odd numbered year and they are good for 2 years.

New residents just moving into town have 30 days to purchase their stickers.

Regular passenger plates are $30.00 and B-plates (trucks) are also $30.00

Some prices vary depending on the weight of your vehicle, so please bring in your registration to help us determine the correct amount.

If you will only be staying in Zion for a month or two, you have the option of getting
a Temporary Vehicle Sticker. You have only 2 Weeks AFTER getting here
to be eligible for this sticker.

The fee required for a temporary sticker is $15.00. A temporary sticker is valid for a period of three (3) months or less.

Download Vehicle Sticker Form

Email us at finance@zion.il.us


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