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Billing Cycle. Each customer is billed quarterly. All bills are due upon receipt and
payment must be received by the due date stated on the bill. Failure to receive a bill
shall not be grounds for nonpayment.
Water and sewer charges are for services already provided. Garbage and cart lease charges are billed in advance of the service to be provided. The service period on the bill specify what dates the charges relate to.

Deposits. Deposits are required for all new water service accounts. After two (2) years
of non-delinquent payments, deposits are refunded.

Penalties and Service Charges. A bill not paid by the due date will be considered delinquent. Delinquent bills will be assessed a penalty of 5% based upon the water and
sewer portion of the bill. A delinquency notice will be sent to the customer upon non-receipt
of payment. The customer shall have seven (7) business days from the original due date
to settle the account. If the delinquent account is not paid within seven (7) business days
after the original due date, water service will be terminated. If seven (7) business days
after the original due date is Friday then water service will be terminated on the following
Monday. Payments to restore water service after termination must be made by cash,
money order, certified check or credit card. The City will provide restoration (turn on)
of water within 24 hours only after the account balance has been paid. Turn on of water service will only be done during normal business working hours of 8.00AM to 4.30PM
Monday through Friday. For water to be turned on, the owner or other designated person must be present at the water service location. A $50.00 non-payment fee will be charged to every account that has been terminated or an attempt has been made to terminate service.

Returned Checks Any checks returned to the City of Zion for any reason will be required
to pay a $20.00 return check charge. If the account is closed the charge is $25.00. In all instances an attempt will be made to contact the resident to settle the bill. In the event the resident can not be contacted by phone a red card will be placed on the residents door notifying him that water service will be shut off in 48 hours if the account is not settled.

Extension Policy A water bill extension may be granted before termination of service.
Only owners are permitted to sign for an extension agreement. It is required that half of
the amount owed be paid before an extension agreement is allowed. Violating the payment
terms of the extension agreement will result in termination of service.

Final Readings Final readings are only required for the sale of a property. Final water readings must be taken to finalize an account. Scheduling of final readings can be done
by contacting Public Works Department at 1-847-746-4060.

Garbage Containers Every dwelling within the City ofZion is required to have a City approved cart type container. These containers must be constructed of rodent proof
material, strong, waterproof, and have tight fitting covers. These containers can be purchased at City Hall for $50.00. One container may also be leased from City Hall
for $1.31 per month equating to $3.93 per quarter.

Payment Methods The five methods of payment are:

1) Mail - check, money order or completed credit card authorization form. Allow 5-7        working days for mail delivery. Please use the enclosed courtesy reply envelope.

2) City Hall Drop Box - check, money order or completed credit card authorization form.

3) In Person - check, money order, cash, debit card or credit card. Business hours are      Monday thru Friday SAM TO 5PM.

4) Direct Debit - per correctly completed Authorization Agreement - Direct Utility Billing      Payments.

5) Phone - Credit Card

Water Service and Billing Inquires.

Questions about your bill amount - call the Finance Dept......................... 1-847-746-4008

Questions about water quality or service problems - call Public Works ..... 1-847-746-4060

To request a final water meter reading - call Public Works....................... 1-847-746-4060

  Or Email us at finance@zion.il.us


City of Zion, Illinois