Accounts and Finance

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Department of Accounts and Finance  

Other Duties of the Accounts and Finance Department


All of the City's workers are paid thru this department. Every 2 weeks someone is adding up hours, sorting vacation, sick time, personal time, overtime, unpaid leave, workers comp, holiday hours, you name it, we sort through it to get paychecks out in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable

Any time someone from the City makes a purchase or places an order, the invoice comes to this department to be paid. We have a process that goes thru the proper channels of authorization before we actually issue a check. Everything from utilities to squad cars, we handle it all right here in this department.

Accounts Receivables

Each month the City sends out bills for different things. Our retiree's health insurance, lease agreements, mowing of property, clean up of property, board up, Legal fees, etc.

City Budget

This department is responsible for keeping the City's finances in order. If a department is unsure of what they have left or if they have allowed for a purchase of certain items, they can check with us to find out. We monitor revenues and departmental expenditures to ensure that the City is within budget. We prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly financials.

So now you are more familiar with the many hats that we wear. We hope this
helps to give you an inside peek of some of our services. We aren't just the
"water bill counter" anymore!

Email us at finance@zion.il.us

City of Zion, Illinois