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Department of Accounts and Finance  


Q1. When is my water bill due?

A1 - The City is divided up into three sections for billing. To see what section you
are in, please visit the City's website www.cityofzion.com, click on
Accounts & Finance under Departments, and follow the prompts for your address.
All water bills are due 20 days after the notice date. Check your current water bill
for the exact date.

Q2. Is it possible to have an automatic payment option with my credit card?

A2 - No. Right now we offer auto payment from either your checking or savings account only.

Q3. I wasn't home when you terminated my water service because my bill         wasn't paid, why then do I have to be home to get the service restored?

A3 - If a faucet was open and you didn't know about it, water damage could result. Therefore, we do not restore water service unless an adult is home. Our service personnel will knock or ring the doorbell. If their presence is acknowledged, they
will restore service. If an appointment is made and no one is there when they arrive, a grey card is placed on the front door, and the resident will have to call
Public Works to set an appointment for the following day. We do not continually
send out service personnel—you need to be home.

Q4. How many animals am I allowed?

A4 - Each household is allowed 4 pets.

Q5. Now that I've paid my water bill, when will my service be restored?

A5 - Once a water bill has been paid, the Public Works Department (which handles the restoration of service) is notified. Service is restored in the order payments
were received. So if you are the 50th residence to pay that day, you will be 50th
on the list.

Q6. I noticed a grey card on my front door—what does that mean?

A6 - A grey card signifies that service personnel arrived to restore our service
and no one responded. Call Public Works at 746-4060 to make an appointment.

Q7. Are your policies concerning water billing available in one place?

A7 - Yes, on the back of your water bill.

Q8. The City didn't receive my water payment, what does it take to restore        water service?

A8 - The bill will still have to be paid either by cash, credit card or money order.
We can make an effort to catch the original payment when it comes in the mail
and return it to you, otherwise it will be applied as a credit on your account.

Q9. I let my grass grow too tall, after being notified the City cut the grass,          and placed a lien against my property. Why?

A9 - The last thing the City wants to do is to cut homeowners grass. However, when homeowners or landlords don't care for their property, the City has to
step in. When the City cuts the grass, there is a charge for that. If that is not
paid within 30 days a lien is placed against the property to insure that the cost
of cutting the grass is recovered.

Q10. I just moved into Zion , do I need a City sticker?

A10 - Yes. You have 30 days to get a sticker before the police will ticket you,
and 60 days to get it before a late fee is added.

Q11. I need more time to pay my water bill, what can I do?

A11 - First, be pro-active. We need to hear from you. Call us at 746-4008.
We offer extensions when signed by the homeowner or by your landlord.
You can pay half when the extension is signed and the balance by the last
business day of the month.

Q12. Why did I receive a Termination Notice if I've already paid my bill?

A12 - Payments and Termination Notices sometimes cross in the mail. However,
when in doubt if we have received your payment, call us at 746-4008.
Be pro-active!

Q13. My payment is due today by 5PM, but I can't make it to City Hall by that            time, what are my options?

A13 - Call 746-4008. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover over the phone. We will give you an authorization number immediately after your payment has been accepted by your card issuer. This can all be done right over
the phone. Or you can put your payment in our night drop box located outside
our front doors.

Q14. Do you accept payments after hours?

A14 - Yes, there is a night drop box on the south side of City Hall. Place your check
or Money Order in the night drop. Please NO CASH!!! Items deposited in the drop
box are collected and opened at 8AM every business day. The night drop box is available 24/7/365!!

Q15. Why do I need a Dog & Cat License?

A16 - No longer is a Dog or Cat License needed. The City of Zion has
discontinued this requirement.

Q16. Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A16 - The deposit establishes credit with the City. The exact deposit is based on
a history of usage and is unique among all residences. Once the deposit has been held for two years—and there have been no late payments—the original deposit
is returned with 4% interest. Deposits for new construction are $100.

Q17. Can I pay my bill monthly?

A17 - Yes, you can. It will go as a credit towards your quarterly bill.

Q18. Can I change my billing date to coincide with my paychecks?

A18 - Unfortunately, we cannot change billing dates, but you can pro-rate your
bill and pay in advance to help alleviate this problem.

Q19. What is a Closing Letter and why do I have to have one?

A19 - A Closing Letter is a letter from the City stating any outstanding amounts
that are owed to the City. Usually your attorney will request this to be faxed to
them for your closing. This is important because it shows that the seller of the property has taken the services out of their name and finalized things with the
City. If this is not done there is a possibility that you could inherit their old bills.

Q20. Why is it necessary to have a Final Reading?

A20 - Finals are necessary to have an accurate reading to close out or open your account. You want your service to start with water that you have used and you certainly don't want to move off and leave your name on someone else's bill!


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