Liquor Control Commission

The City of Zion Liquor Control Ordinance was adopted on December 5, 2000. 
Per this ordinance, it is the policy of the City of Zion to limit the sale
of alcoholic liquor at retail primarily to the sale in its original package
or by restaurants, recreational facilities or hotels. 

The Liquor Control Commission is made up of:

Local Liquor Chairman:

Mayor Lane Harrison


Terry McNabb
Juanita Winfrey
Nadine Thorn

Recording Secretary:

Sheryl Spooner

The Liquor Control Commission meets on an annual basis in June
to consider renewal of current Zion Liquor Licenses.
Additional meetings are called as needed for the purpose of:

  • • Reviewing new applications
  • • Considering changes to existing licenses
  • • Hearing complaints, investigating establishments and conducting disciplinary hearings

For further information or questions regarding related ordinances, procedures or applications,
please contact City Clerk Diane Burkemper at either 847-746-4014 or dianeb@zion.il.us

City of Zion, Illinois