Elliot Eldridge

Elliot Eldridge,

Welcome to the City Of Zion

Department of Building

Welcome New Residents  

Dear New Resident,

I would first like to extend a warm welcome to you from myself and my staff at the building department. It is our duty and privilege to serve and I might add to make
life more enjoyable for all of us. The following information is to better prepare you
for some possible differences between Zion and the town you moved from.

Dealing with vehicles

Our ordinances allow parking only on prepared surfaces, no lawn parking is permitted. Working on vehicles is limited to minor repairs/maintenance on vehicles that are registered to your address-no "backyard mechanics." Nonoperable vehicles may only be stored in an enclosed structure (garage), tarps are not permitted.

House Numbers

Address numbers that are visible from the street shall identify each house. Size
of numbers are to be three inches in height and attached with nails or screws,
no self-adhesive numbers.


Permits are required for most construction projects such as electrical, plumbing, framing and heating work. Also improvements such as fences, decks and patios, sidewalks, swimming pools, sheds and driveways. Should you decide to start projects on your house outside of painting it would be wise to call the building department for permit and code direction.

We are here for You

Should you have any questions about any remodeling or a contractor, make sure
you call us before you get "stuck" into a contract. Most likely one of our inspectors can assist over the phone or if need be, meet with you and the contractor to work out details. It gives us great satisfaction to see that everyone is happy when the
job is finished.

Planning a Sale?

Before you have that yard or garage sale you must contact the building department to register and get the specific details on what is permitted. In fact, call us for details on any type of sign you wish to put anywhere. Of course there are no rules about posting signs inside warning Jr. to pick up his dirty socks and such.

Let's talk trash

Details on containers are available by clicking on public works. The building department deals with code enforcement issues, trash and debris is one of those issues. All trash is to be deposited into City approved containers stored within
your property lines and set out only for pickup.

Outside Storage

Typically anything that is utilized out of doors is permitted to remain: charcoal grills, children's toys, picnic table and chairs, lawn chairs and things of that nature.
Items such as building materials, lawn and garden tools, tractors and assorted accumulations shall be stored in an enclosed structure such as a garage or shed. Firewood may be stored outside but must be neatly stacked up off the ground at least eight inches to keep rodents and other pests from harboring.

Senior citizens who are burdened with financial or physical limitations are encouraged to contact us so that we may assist or give guidance in overcoming those situations dealing with building requirements, code enforcement issues or property maintenance challenges.

We are here for you. Whether you are just moving into town or maybe been here since forever, we'd surely like to have a talk and get to know you, and I think you might even like us. Call us at (847) 746-4018 and form some new friends.

Elliot Eldridge

Director of Building

City of Zion, Illinois